NUR DIE TAPFEREN GEHEN VORAN (“Only the brave ones dash ahead”) is Tina Elisabeth Reiter’s mixté diploma collection from the Fashion Design course at AMD Akademie Mode & Design Munich.

This collection dresses a tribe of liberated thinkers and determined individuals. It articulates their roles as pioneers – brave citizens of the world that blaze their own path, alone and with their companions.
The concept behind the collection draws initially from a sense of outside conformity made distinguishable through a uniformity of colour, cut, and silhouette. Yet it is with a second look – one that lingers – that the obvious differences in individual details and proportions strike the eye and stir one’s curiosity.

“Otherness” is determined primarily through the stylistic use of graphics and prints in the lining. These are symbolic representations to echo the distinctive values and life-philosophy one embraces internally; this is The Art of Being Different. Select graphics and prints were chosen precisely for their supportive, empowering, and healing impact – the individual who is different from the norm, the one who is a pioneer, needs protection as they make their way in the world!

“Our skin is our biggest organ. We cover our skin with clothing. Therefore clothing is our second house. We need clothing which feels protective enough to conquer unforeseen challenges, yet ethereal enough to mimic our internal selves.”

Photography: Tobias Knipf

Fashion & Styling: Tina Elisabeth Reiter

Hair & Makeup: Gaby Pachmayr

Models: Moritz Ahlborn, Jessica Mensah, Marion Homm, Julian Zoe, Fritz Reiter

Graduate Fashion Week London 2010
AMD Munich