Alexandra Bondi de Antoni has many homes. Born and raised in Austria she has lived in London and Paris. Currently also based in Berlin, she was perfectly capable to relate to the feeling of homelessness, therefore I asked her to shoot and editorial and write some lines about her interpretation of belonging to.

„being physically far away while still being mentally close. things looking the same while in fact being different. standing in the remnants of the place one once called home.

these pictures are part of a collaboration with designer tina elisabeth reiter. she asked different photographers to interpret her collection ‘the sound of homeless(ness)’. for me home it’s not about the place i’m at but the people i am with. i’ve been living away from the city i grew up in for 4 years now and can not call it home anymore.

even if i truly love coming back it always becomes clearer that one starts to idealise people, places, facts that are far out of reach. the memories one once made become a blur of imagination and reality. my former home became just a space. many things change but at the same time always stay the same.“


Photographer, Styling & HM: Alexandra Bondi de Antoni

Model: Cosima (Tempo Models)