These plant-based mylks are great options to replace milk produced by animals and/or provide you with the opportunity to reduce your intake of dairy. Please trust me a batch of homemade nutmylk hast nothing in common with commercial supermarket goods! One word about the watery stuff that comes boxes on your supermarket shelve:
These are highly processed foods with hardly nuts/seeds in there, a lot of additives and other nasty ingredients you might wanna reconsider consuming. Many of them are packed with artificial sweeteners and you don’t wanna got that road down.. als it is heated, so bye bye raw quality.

Nuts and seeds are an ideal source of protein and essential amino acids.
Plant-based milks give you the option to replace animal-farmed milk easily. Also in case you are lactose-intolerant, its texture and taste is almost like regular milk.

But there is not point in me telling you, best you experience the HUGE difference by yourself. Taste, texture, feeling everything is so much more satisfying – you are strongly encouraged give it a go.

Want to milk almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and other seeds together? I would love to share this during an afternoon with you!