May I introduce: Ludwig, the scoby!
He might not be the most handsome mate but he has got real super powers! This buddy was gifted to me to spread the love aka goodness of fermentation. What is Ludwig exactly and what makes him so fabulous? He is a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast) and you need such fungus-like culture plus some sugar to ferment tea into awesome kombucha!

Pretty sure you have tried this wonderful beverage already with its particular sweet’n’sour taste and its slight fizziness. (Please note: I am not talking about the stuff you get in a commercial supermarket; most of the brands use pasteurisation which will kill enzymes, vitamins & the GOOD bacteria.. so everything that makes kombucha so beneficial for your body/health. Please look for a RAW quality kombucha!) Fermentation has a long history and each culture had its own ‘signature’ dish e.g. Sauerkraut in Middle Europe, Korean kimchi, Gari in Japan to be eaten with sushi ect. In former times it was harder to preserve grocery and fermentation was an easy process to make food lasting over a longer period.

First of all it is probiotic. Lots of good bacteria supports your digestive system. Besides that due to the various beneficial acids, enzyms and antioxidants it helps to detox your body.. and as we all know: only a healthy gut is a happy one (: Your immune system will be very grateful and strengthened, because this fermented beverage helps you get rid of toxins in your body and provides you with a lot of energy!

Join Ludwig and me for an afternoon in the kitchen. It’s gonna be fun!