Cold-pressing is a special form of juice extraction. Distinguished by the absence of any blades, centrifuge and heat, the juice is solely pressed by time and pressure. Just like native olive oil is produced.

Due to this slow process a maximum of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes remain in the juice. Compared to commercial juices the texture is almost silky and not watery at all. About 1,5 kilograms of vegetables and fruits are being used to win 500 ml of living goodness, therefore you get everything out and a optimal nutrient content remains. A half litre bottle is so nutrient dense that it is able to saturate and replace a small meal. The vegetable and fruit content should be always always balanced.

That said it is important to use strictly organic ingredients ideally sustainable locally farmed and preferable consumed in glass bottles. Special ingredient love, no refined sugar and preservatives are involved. Cold-pressed juices are very work intensive, therefore mostly delicate prices due to the luxury of human touch is involved. This special juice will be bottled straight away into bottles, to protect it from oxidation and best used within 3 days.

Cold-pressed juices are real liquid foods that need to be experienced rather than can be explained and best consumed in combination with yoga or meditation as they will lift your body and mind.

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